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2011-03-06 23:36:40 by theBAOWS

I know i have not posted anything in a while... no i'm not dead and i certainly plan on writing and publishing another song for you guys. I was soo horribly disappointed with the quality of purple melody that i have decided not to publish another song until i get a better mic. until next time keep your eyes peeled

purple melody

2010-09-19 17:29:19 by theBAOWS

I am over joyed that so many people have enjoyed my song "purple melody" (witch by the way is my very first song ever) enough to download it! but i am confused by its lack of comments. If you liked/loved my song enough to download it i would greatly appreciate it if you commented. i am currently working on a new song that is quite a bit different than "purple melody" genre wise so check my page twice a week or so if you liked "purple melody".